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Choosing the color formula from 569 products is not an easy task

"20 years of experience serving the Iranian color industry "

we are the best choice.

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Maharsazan Arya producer of different industrial& automobile paints has committed itself to provide high quality paints in order to obtain more shares in the market together with customers’ satisfaction.

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Why is Mahar the best choice?

main qualifications of Mahar products

Using the best raw materials, alongside with up-to-date paint making technology.

professional planning

We believe in our knowledge besides we have tools and technology to make paint

customer satisfaction

Mahar has been following customers’ satisfaction and this is our Point of reliance.

simple composition

You may get your paint code with few compositions.

High efficiency

Our products have the highest quality ,this will cause the best efficiency in the compositions

what are we doing?

high quality products is our difference.

We do believe it is possible to offer the best quality products

Mahar cooperation with its own experienced engineers in the paint tinet unit ,has been able to select and produce its own high quality Mother Paints in a way that it has managed to provide the market with all model paints

customer satisfaction
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how about our future?

We can supply all of your demands

Thanks to the experienced team in Mahar CO. we have been able to offer high quality products regarding the plastic coating including building decoration paints, electronics and automobile plastic parts. Also we are considering cooperating with other related factories in order to increase the quality level.

Our products will be available all over the country


Having access to various paint spectrum



our newest products

It is very enjoyable to work for the best customers. We have customers from all over of Iran . Mahar provides the most powerful options and tools for its customers to create appealing paints. This is our honor to have or own customers’ satisfaction for a long time.

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From the customers’ perspective

ideas and suggestions

There was something wrong with my car’s paint after spraying even in the agent’s .But following my friend’s advice to use your paint even I myself cannot distinguish which door has been painted.

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safety in automobile painting

safety in automobile painting

2018-07-14 02:37:59

line 55 products

line 55 products

2018-06-22 06:10:31

Tehran 10th international paint fare

Tehran 10th international paint fare

2018-06-22 05:21:43
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